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What is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

A HIIT session is any workout that alternates between periods of fast-paced, or "high intensity", followed by low-intensity movements or complete rest periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time.

Emprove heart health, burn fat and build lean muscle in only 30 minutes a day

If you want to lose fat, build lean muscle, speed up your metabolism, improve your conditioning, burn twice as many calories in a workout and have no more then 30 minutes a day to work out.
Then you want to do high-intensity interval training.
20 minutes of HIIT are the equivalent of 1hour jogging on the treadmill with a lot more benefits to it.

Burn twice as much calories during a HIIT workout and up to 48 hours after your workout

HIIT boosts your metabolism during and after your workout. After working out at a high intensity, the body needs to take in oxygen at a higher rate than it did pre-exercise so it can cool down, repair itself, and return to it's resting state. This excess amount of oxygen consumed, requires the body and metabolism to work at a higher rate, so it continues to burn calories up to 48 hours post workout. 

You won't get bored, you won't plateau

When it comes to strength training and cardiovascular activity, it's easy to fall into habits and for your body to plateau, which can often prevent you from reaching your goal. HIIT is an incredibly versatile way of training, as you can incorporate different tempos, movements, reps, and weights into a routine to stop your body from ever getting used to it. This will force the body to adapt to the exercises you're putting it through, resulting in lean muscle growth and overall body conditioning.
The exercise combinations are endless:
plyo, strength, yoga, cardiovascular, body weight, to name a few.

You won't need more than 4 HIIT workouts a week

Less is More!
Since HIIT only takes 30 minutes you might as well do a session every day? NO.
HIIT is a very effective workout and though on the nervous system so you have to remember recovery is crucial. 


You won't need any equipment 

All you need for a good HIIT workout is an open space. HIIT workouts utilize your own body weight, so any workout that gets your heart rate up is an effective HIIT workout. 

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