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Online Coaching


In order to reach as many girls as possible, I do offer online coaching as one of my coaching services.

As my online-client you will have more flexibility, working out when and wherever you want. 
I will be your full-time trainer every step of the way to create amazing body transformation results. I will check in with you and tell you exactly what to do each week. This means making regular changes to your training and nutrition plans so they are always suitable to achieve optimal results. 
We will take before and after pictures, track progress together, 
discuss suitable goals. Everything tailored around your specific needs. 

You will receive round the clock online support via Email to ask me anything regarding your training, diet or even motivation lack. 

Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment

Lifestyle and nutrition assessment 

Body composition assessment and measurements

Fitness level test - movement analysis and flexibility assessment 

Discussing suitable goals

Discussing macronutrient distribution for your body and your goals

Monthly re-assessments and measurements 

Training Program

Your desired online training program 

- weight loss 

- weight gain 

- transformation

 - special day training 

Nutrition Guide

A Guide to the „Basics of Nutrition“

"3 Phases Nutrition Guide" changing every 4 weeks to shed fat, build lean toned muscle and maximize endurance

A Guide to „ Do’s and Don’ts“ to achieve your Goal 

 A Guide to „Supplements“ 

 A practical Grocery List 


  Round the clock support and motivation via E-mail


Feel free to contact me, for more information about online coaching

Thank you for your message!

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