Metabolic Damage Program


Metabolic damage is, what the name suggests: a damaged metabolism, usually caused by a prolonged excessive calorie-reduction combined with excessive physical activity. You‘re consuming 1000 calories a day, have been doing hours of cardio every single day for months and yet you’re not losing any weight. In fact, you’re even gaining weight.
If that is you – here is the right program for you!
This program can be done both online or with me personally. I'm trying to reach as many women as I possibly can to help with the recovery of mind, body and soul. 

Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment

Lifestyle and nutrition assessment   

Body composition assessment and measurements   

Fitness level test - movement analysis and flexibility assessment   

Checking symptoms and severity of your metabolic damage  

Detailed discussion about your metabolic damage history  

A Step-by-step guide to overcome metabolic damage   

Monthly re-assessments and measurements   

Training Program

"3 Phase Healing Training Program" specified on metabolic damage 

Workouts changing daily 

Teaching you a new healthy approach towards training and nutrition

Specific workouts developed to increase muscle growth and metabolic rate 

Discussing rest days and how to manage them for maximum results   

Nutrition Guide

Nutrition Guide developed to heal and increase your metabolism  

A Guide to „ Do’s and Don’ts“ to achieve your Goal   

Tips and tricks to healthier eating habits and a healthier approach to physical activity   

A Guide to „Supplements“ and the specific supplements that will heal and increase your metabolism 

A practical Grocery List on foods that will help you heal and increase your metabolism   


Round the clock support and motivation via E-mail

Discussing the mental challenges Metabolic Damage brings with it and how to handle them 

Discussing body dysmorphia, binge eating and other important topics and why they are totally normal and how to free yourself from them.