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I'm Kimberley, a certified woman Personal Trainer.


It was my personal transformation, seven years ago, that started my education into training and nutrition.
Starting from being out of breath only by tying up my shoes, eating junk food day in and day out and not liking what I saw in the mirror, to as fit and healthy as I am today. 

It was a bumpy road, but a road full of lessons that allowed me to understand and learn everything about a woman’s body. Something that I now am proud to share.

Having been through it all makes me the Personal Trainer I am today. Having struggled with an eating-disorder, overtraining, and later on, with severe metabolic damage, makes me understand and makes me able to help a lot of women, who go through it themselves.

It hasn't been an easy road, but it has definitely been an educational one. That made me want to dig deeper and understand, how a woman's body functions both physiologically and psychologically. Those experiences are, in my opinion, something you won’t be able to read in textbooks or learn at your PT school.

My own battles have taught me what balance actually means. That is, not only to have a healthy body but a healthy mind and a healthy soul. I am driven to share what I have experienced and learned over all these years and help you to get the body you always dreamed of. 

"Only that which you have experienced yourself can be called knowledge, the rest is just information" - Unknown author




As women living in today’s society, we’re constantly forced to compare ourselves to others. Not being skinny enough, not curvy enough, not beautiful enough, not successful enough.We’re constantly comparing ourselves to others to see how we stack up and to get approval.When women compare themselves to these idealized images, they may feel like they need to “do it all” and drive themselves to exhaustion and frustration seeking perfection which all leads to guilt, frustration, and perfectionism.

I’ve been there, I’ve done that. Feeling extremely bad and ashamed of my own body, something that got me really down. I didn’t know if that kind of body was attainable, and if so, how?Until it clicked one day. I was done with the pity party.I was done thinking I wouldn’t ever be able to have “that body”.


Frustration turned into my biggest motivation.I decided that if I do it, I might as well go all the way in and do it right.And three months later, there I was...
Not prettier than them. Not skinnier than them. Not lighter than them.I was stronger, curvier, confident and determined. I ended up gaining so much more than “that body”.I felt fit, strong and extremely confident, without the need for anybody’s approval. And that right there, I want to give it right back to you. 

All of a sudden I had a body I loved to live in, a body I worked for a day in and day out.Not because I had to do it, but because I wanted to do it!That was by far the most rewarding feeling I had ever had. And let me tell you ... so can you!
I'll teach you a lifestyle, not a quick fix, not an overnight miracle.I'll teach you important habits and a new fun way of living. You’ll learn to eat according to your own personal lifestyle and your preferences.I’ll teach you, that comparing your body is not the solution, working for it is.


Don't blame bad genes or big bones. If you want to achieve that dream body of yours, you can.You’ll soon notice that working out can be fun and that it’s so much more than just moving your body.Join me to work on your mind, your body and your soul.



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