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Intense Makeover


Plan to be better, faster, and stronger!
This program is tailored around the woman who wants a 360° change.
A complete body re-shape. Get ready to sweat, to work hard, and to see and admire those results! This program is going to give you toned lean muscles, burn your unwanted fat, and increase your heart’s health and endurance to the MAX.
Get ready to be challenged in a fun way. It is a designed progressive training-plan, your body will constantly be challenged.
A combination of strength, cardio, plyometrics, interval training, and efficient stretching.
Fun and quick power workouts!
To look and feel completely different!

Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment

Lifestyle and nutrition assessment 

Body composition assessment and measurements

Fitness level test - movement analysis and flexibility assessment 

Discussing suitable goals

Discussing macronutrient distribution for your body and your goals

Monthly re-assessments and measurements 

Training Program

Intense progressive training program based on 'HIIT' training that suits your personal level and goals

A 12-week minimum program

Time efficient workouts - short but intense 

Full body workouts that will burn off unwanted fat, build lean muscle
and increase strength and heart health 

Workouts changing daily 

Intensity changing every 2-4 weeks for maximum results 

Nutrition Guide

A Guide to the „Basics of Nutrition“

"3 Phases Nutrition Guide" changing every 4 weeks to shed fat, build lean toned muscle and maximize endurance

A Guide to „ Do’s and Don’ts“ to achieve your goal 

A Guide to „Supplements“ 

A practical Grocery List 


Round the clock support and motivation via E-mail or Sms

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